DirectFN EStore :: About DFN Pro 10
DFN Net is line up with state-of-the-art web-based technology, offering a tremendous experience for active investors to get up-to-date market feeds from multiple exchanges. The easy-to-use charting module with a host of charting functions including technical analysis will help you enhance your investment decisions.

Internet connectivity and a user account from EStore are all you need to gain access to DFN Net, and be up to date with market activity around the world.
Key Features :
Real time market data, news, charts and corporate actions.
Supports Windows and MC platforms.
Market Depth (Level II quotes) with Best Offers and Best Bids.
Personalized Watch Lists to monitor your favorite stocks.
Advanced Quote including multiple tabs for a swift evaluation of the symbol.
Price Ticker for selected Watch Lists with different speed settings.
News & Announcements Ticker to be updated with world market.
Multi market overview.
Information on Top Stocks, giving you the Top Gainers by %Chg, Top Losers by %Chg, and Most Active Stocks by Volume for each market subscribed.
Easily accessible Mini Index and Complete Index graph
Time and Sales details for symbols
Full Screen mode.
DFN Net Charting :
Technical Analysis, including some of the most commonly used technical analysis tools. This includes a range of Oscillators, Momentum, Volume and Volatility Indicators and many more.
Ability to analyze the performance of symbols through Comparing charts.
Intraday data analysis and Historical Data Analysis up to five (5) or more years.
Ability to Zoom in and out of graphs, allowing you to see price movements for the period of your choice.
Five Chart Styles to choose from: Bar, Line, Candle, HLC (High, Low, Close) and OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close)
Several features such as Volume Graph & Grid Style adding richness to the information.
Minimum System Pre-Requisites:
A Pentium IV or higher PC with 1 GB RAM.
Internet connection from an ISP.
Internet Explorer 8.0 and above / Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above / Google Chrome and above / Safari 5.1.1 and above (JavaScript should be enabled).
A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher on all Microsoft operating systems.
Recommended :
Best viewed with IE v9.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Chrome 13+ and Safari 5.1.2 at 1280x800 resolutions.
** Terms & Conditions:
DFN Pro10 & DFN NET users are eligible to access free mobile applications using the same user credentials of DFN Pro10 & DFN NET.
Users can only view data from one application at a time i.e. simultaneous logins are not allowed.
Information display in free mobile/tablet application is based on user’s DFN Pro10/DFN NET subscription.
Using DFN Pro10 or DFN Net accounts with real time subscription, users can view real-time information in mobiles/tablets.
Subscriptions for all products (main & complementary) will expire on the SAME date (calculated from the date of purchase) regardless of how the products are being used. E.g. If a user purchases DFN Pro 10 package for a period of 1 month, but uses the iPhone package which is a complimentary product for 3 weeks, yet the DFN PRO 10 will expire on the same date it should and the user will be left with the remaining 1 week to use DFN PRO 10.
The validity of the free mobile application/s expires with the expiry of DFN Pro10/DFN Net validity.